About Gigglinggecko Yarns

GigglingGecko Yarns started out as an online shop in collaboration with a local yarn store, Rosa Träume, to provide you with knitting and crocheting products when you just cannot make it into the shop. In the late summer of 2017, Judy, started to dye and the actual brand, GigglingGecko Yarns, is hand dyed by herself. Creating beautiful colors however she is feeling and working with known knitwear designers & bag makers on special collaborations, GigglingGecko Yarns can be seen around the globe.

Our goal... is to bring fabulous yarns from all over the world into Switzerland (as well as our locally hand dyed yarns) and introduce fellow knitters and crocheters to these fabulous offerings at our LYS or while shopping online.

Why the name GigglingGecko... If you meet Judy, ask to hear her stories about gecko encounters from over the years while traveling and living in Asia. She thinks they are always giggling at her..and she was not always amused! The stories, however, are guaranteed to make you laugh.

A note about our own hand dyed yarns... Please note we try to keep the photos as close as the actual colors, however it may vary depending on the lighting and your screens. If you need multiple skeins of one color, please try to order it all at once and/or alternate skeins when knitting your projects. Every dye batch reacts differently but we do try to keep it as close as possible. This is the beauty of hand dyed yarns, no one skein is the same - ESPECIALLY when it comes to the speckled colors or bases. Also, superwash yarn reacts differently from non-superwash where superwash takes the colors more vibrantly and non-superwash can look like subtle water colors.

We understand if you have the need to feel and touch the actual yarns, so if you would like to come and specifically see our own GigglingGecko Yarns line, just let us know and we can arrange it!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact GigglingGecko. We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for visiting!


e: judy@gigglinggeckoyarns.com
m: +41 (0)76 345 88 27