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Alpaca Silk Lace


Superfine Alpaca is strong, soft and insulating. Mulberry silk adds lightness, lustre and depth of colour. This is a really luxury knitting or crochet yarn. There are two sets of colours, bolds and pastels.

Fibre Content: 70% Alpaca Superfine, 30% Mulberry Silk / 70% superfeine Alpaka, 30% Maulbeerseide
Yarn Ball Weight:  50g
Yarn Meterage/Yardage: 400/438
Tension/Gauge Stitches:  36
Tension/Gauge Rows:  46
Maschenprobe 10cm x 10cm: 36M x 46R

Recommended Knitting Needles / Empfohlene Nadelstärke:
Knitting Needle (UK): 12
Knitting Needle (US):  2
Knitting Needle, MM:  2.75MM

Care Instructions / Pflegehinweise:
Hand Wash Only / Dry Flat / nur Handwäsche / Liegend Trocknen

Click additional info for colors / Colors may slightly vary depending on your screen.  Für zusätzliche Infos zu den Farben bitte hier klicken. Farben können je nach Monitoreinstellung zum Original variieren.

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